Model 1002 Gravity Feed AVID Tuned Airbrush

  • $28.95

From the same factory that produces Master Airbrushes which are basically a KO of an Iwata gun. The nozzles, needles and many other parts are an exact fit with Iwata. The main difference is in the quality of materials and assembly/tuning. Each gun will be taken apart and have springs replaced with higher quality low tension springs, needles polished, ream and polish nozzles and polish inside moving parts and will then re-assembled carefully and properly. We will then test the gun with a thin line and a fan stroke and include a test card in each box that was sprayed from that gun.

  • Model 1002 comes with 3 cups (small, medium, large), access holes on the rear of the housing to reach needle tension chuck and adjustable needle stopper in the rear of the gun. I ordered these specifically for spraying carriers with flake or thicker mediums as they offer the option of either a .5mm or .8 mm nozzle. One of the only airbrushes available with a nozzle this large, it not only allows the spraying of thicker/coarse materials but it also gives much more coverage with fewer strokes more like an HVLP gun than an airbrush...